Our book, SRv6 Network Programming: Ushering in a New Era of IP Networks, is published. The book introduces SRv6 basics, SRv6 OSPF/ISIS, SRv6 TE/Policy, SRv6 VPN, SRv6 Network Migration, SRv6 Network Design and Deployment. The book also introduces SRv6 OAM/IFIT (In-situ Flow Information Telemetry), SRv6 for 5G (including Network Slicing, DetNet and SRv6 for Mobile Core), SRv6 for Cloud (including SRv6 for Telco Cloud, SRv6 SFC and SDWAN) and SRv6 Multicast/BIERv6. Finally the book introduces the progress of SRv6 industry and the future technologies including SRv6 Compression and APN6 (Application-aware IPv6 Networking). In the book I wrote some SRv6 Design Stories and looked back in the history of SRv6 innovation and standardization which I hope to be helpful to understand SRv6 technologies.

Thanks for the great team work that we can finish the book in time. Wish it would be able to promote the development of SRv6 Technologies.

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Book - SRv6 Network Programming: Ushering in a New Era of IP Networks