IPv6+ aims to enable an intelligent IP network for 5G and Cloud era. Based on continuing evolution and innovation to IPv6 protocols, and with the help of network intelligence, IPv6+ could provide flexible network connection, fast service provisioning, on-demand service customization and differentiated service performance guarantee, so as to help network operators to achieve fast service innovation and simplified network operation, and provide unprecedent service experience to network customers.


1. IPv6+ Introduction [EN]

Publication URL: PDF - IPv6+ Introduction

2. IPv6+ Innovation and Standards [EN]

Publication URL: PDF - IPv6+ Innovation and Standards

3. IPv6+ Evolution Phase and Key Techniques [CN]

Publication URL: PDF - IPv6+ Evolution Phase and Key Techniques

4. IPv6+ based Innovation for Next Generation of Internet [CN]

Publication URL: IPv6+ Innovation

5. ETSI IPv6 White Paper [EN]

Publication URL: ETSI IPv6 White Paper


ETSI just published its IPv6 white paper. This is collaboration result of Huawei, Cisco, China Telecom, KPN, POST Luxembourg, Portugal Telecom, Telefonica, CAICT, HPE, Uni.lu etc. Some unique viewpoints:

6. SRv6 Industrial White Paper [CN]

Publication URL: PDF - SRv6 Industrial White Paper

7. Telecommunications Science Special Feature on IPv6+ [CN]

Publication URL: Telecommunications Science Vol.36, No.8

8. IPv6+ Introduction on HKNOG [EN]

Publication URL: PDF - IPv6+: A New Era of IP Networks for 5G and Cloud

9. IPv6+ Innovation and Standards on IPv6 Development Forum [CN]

Publication URL: PDF - IPv6+ Innovation and Standards

10. IPv6+ eBook Series [CN/EN]


The eBook series on IPv6+ key technologies have been published. Please refer to the below links for each specific technology. More eBooks on IPv6+ will come soon.

Publication URL: IPv6+ eBook: SRv6 (CN)

Publication URL: IPv6+ eBook: SRv6 (EN)

Publication URL: IPv6+ eBook: BIERv6 (CN)

Publication URL: IPv6+ eBook: BIERv6 (EN)

Publication URL: IPv6+ eBook: iFIT (CN)

11. IPv6+ Video Series [CN]

Publication URL: IPv6+ 01 Summary

Publication URL: IPv6+ 02 SRv6

Publication URL: IPv6+ 03 G-SRv6

Publication URL: IPv6+ 04 Network Slicing

Publication URL: IPv6+ 05 iFIT

Publication URL: IPv6+ 06 BIERv6

Publication URL: IPv6+ 07 IPv6+ Innovation


1. China IPv6+ Official Account in Wechat

Publication URL: China IPv6+ Official Account Openning Words [CN]

Date: December 18, 2020



Date: October 19, 2020

3. ETSI Webinar for IPv6 Whitepaper Publication

Publication URL: ETSI IPv6 Whitepaper Publication [EN]

Date: September 14, 2020

4. IPv6 Development Forum

Publication URL: IPv6 Development Forum [CN]

Date: August 28, 2020

5. 2020 IPv6 Next Generation Internet Summit

Publication URL: 2020 IPv6 Summit [CN]

Date: July 30, 2020

6. Joint Proposal for Advancing Large Scale Deployment towards Pure IPv6 Network

Publication URL: Joint Proposal for advancing large scale IPv6 deployment towards Pure IPv6 network [CN]

Date: July 30, 2020

7. IPv6+: Build 5G and Cloud Oriented IP network, Boost New Infrastructure

Publication URL: IPv6+: Build 5G and Cloud Oriented IP network, Boost New Infrastructure [CN]

8. Second IPv6+ Webinar

Publication URL: Second IPv6+ Webinar [EN]

Publication URL: Second IPv6+ Webinar [CN]

Register to review the Webinar: IPv6+: IPv6 Enhanced Innovations, policy makes practice, practice makes perfect.

Date: July 16th, 2020

9. First IPv6+ Webinar

Publication URL: IPv6+ First Webinar [CN]

Register to review the Webinar: IPv6 Enhanced Innovations, Embracing the IP Future in 5G & Cloud Era.

Date: June 16th, 2020

10. IPv6+ Technical Innovation Group Meeting in China [CN]

Publication URL: IPv6+ Meeting

Date: April 2020

11. Second SRv6 Industrial Forum in China [CN]

Publication URL: 2nd Industrial Forum

Date: December 2019

12. First SRv6 Industrial Forum in China [CN]

Publication URL: 1st Industrial Forum

Date: June 2019


1. China IPv6+ Official Account Openning Words [CN]






  1. IPv6+ Overview
    (1) SRv6 Book [EN] is published.
    (2) Tutorial: Series of IPv6+ eBook are published: SRv6, BIERv6 and iFIT.
    (3) YANG models: update all of the status and URLs.
  2. SRv6 Overview
    (1) Tutorial: SRv6 eBook [CN/EN] is published.
    (2) IETF: RFC8986 is published. It is an important milestone of SRv6 development.
  3. SRv6 TE
    (1) IETF: Publish the drafts about multi-domain intent-aware paths:
    * draft-dskc-bess-bgp-car-problem-statement
    * draft-dskc-bess-bgp-car
    * draft-hegde-spring-mpls-seamless-sr
    * draft-kaliraj-idr-bgp-classful-transport-planes
    (2) CCSA: Update the status of CCSA project on SR policy.
  4. SRv6 E2E Protection
    (1) CCSA: Update the status of the existing project and add a new project.
  5. SRv6 YANG
    (1) IETF: draft-ietf-spring-sr-policy-yang is adopted by the WG.
  6. VPN+ / VTN
    (1) IETF:
    * Update the IETF drafts which are adopted as WG documents: Segment Routing Extensions for VPN+ and Using Multi-Topology for SR based VPN+.
    * Add IETF draft on IETF network slice.
    * Add IETF draft on BGP SPF for VTN.
    * Add IETF drafts on VTN NBI and SBI YANG models.
    * Add IETF drafts on end-to-end IETF network slicing.
    * Add other IETF drafts related to network slicing.
    (2) CCSA: Add the project on controller NBI for IP network slicing.
  7. IFIT
    (1) Turorial: IFIT eBook [CN/EN] is published.
    (2) IETF:
    * The YANG Data Model for In-Situ OAM is adopted as IPPM WG draft.
    * Add 4. Multicast IFIT. Multicast On-path Telemetry Solutions is adopted as MBONED WG draft.
    (3) ETSI: Publish ETSI GR ENI 0022 v0.0.5 Reactive In-situ flow information Telemetry.
  8. BIERv6
    (1) Tutorial: BIERv6 E-Book is published.
    (2) IETF: Add drafts about BIER TE, BIER FRR and SR multicast.
    (3) News: Publish the news about BIERv6 test.
  9. SRv6 OAM
    (1) IETF: Update URLs of drafts.
  10. Path Segment
    (1) IETF: draft-li-6man-srv6-path-segment is merged into drafft-ietf-spring-srv6-path-segment.
  11. DetNet
    (1) IETF:
    * Publish the draft: SRH Extension for Redundancy Protection
    * Publish the draft: Redundancy Policy for Redundant Protection
  12. SD-WAN / CON
    (1) IETF: Publish IPv6 CON and Tunnel Segment drafts.
  13. G-SRv6
    (1) Tutorial
    * Add G-SRv6 introduction video
    * Add G-SRv6 introduction slide[EN/CN]
    (2) Paper
    * Add INFOCOM2021 G-SRv6 paper
    (3) IETF
    * Add the draft of Compressed SRv6 SID list requirements
    * Add the draft of Compressed SRv6 SID list analysis
    * Add 7. G-SRv6 Hackathon @IETF 110
    (4) Demo
    * Add G-SRv6 INFOCOM 2021 paper and related materials
    * Add interop-test Status
  14. ACH6
    (1) Publish ACH6 section in IPv6+ 2.0 phase.
    (2) Add ACH6 related tutorial and IETF activities.
  15. APN
    (1) IETF:
    * Add 10. APN Presentations & Report @IETF110
    * Add 11. APN Interim Meeting @IETF110 - 111
    * Add 12. APN BoFs. APN BoF is approved for IETF 111 finally after long journey!
    (2) Hackathon: Add Hackathon @IETF108/109/110
  16. CFN
    (1) IETF
    * Update the URLs and introductions of all drafts
    * Publish new drafts for use case, problem statement, requirement, and architecture
    (2) Paper
    * Add CFN paper @IEEE WCNC 2021
    (3) CCSA
    * Publish 5 new projects, 2 existing projects.
    (4) News
    * Publish: CFN enables Smart Security Protection solution in the network of China Unicom(Beijing)
    (5) Mailing List
    * Add public mailing list.


  1. IPv6+ Overview
    (1) Add References section.
    (2) Publish latest news.
  2. CFN
    (1) Publish CFN section in IPv6+ 3.0 phase.
    (2) Add CFN related tutorial and IETF activities.
  3. SRv6 Overview
    (1) Publish CCSA draft: General Technical Requirements ... IP Bearer Networks.
  4. SRv6 E2E Protection
    (1) Publish CCSA draft: Technical requirement of SRv6 Protection.
  5. VPN+/VTN
    (1) Publish IETF draft: Introducing Resource Awareness to SR Segments.
    (2) Publish IETF draft: BGP SR Policy Extensions For VTN.
  6. IFIT
    (1) Publish ETSI section.
    (2) Publish ETSI draft: Reactive In-situ flow information Telemetry.
    (3) Publish CCSA draft: Dataplane technical requirement ... for carrier network.
    (4) Publish Demo video: Discover IP new techniques: IFIT.
  7. Path Segment
    (1) Publish latest news.
  8. DetNet
    (1) Publish IETF draft: SRv6 for Redundancy Protection.
  9. SD-WAN
    (1) Publish white paper of China Mobile.
  10. G-SRv6
    (1) Publish latest news.
    (2) Update PDF: G-SRv6 introduction.
  11. SRv6 TE, SRv6 VPN, SRv6 YANG, VPN+/VTN, IFIT, BIERv6, Path Segment, SD-WAN, Path MTU,
    (1) Update the url and introduction parts of IETF drafts and CCSA drafts.


  1. IPv6+ Overview
    1. Tutorial
      (1) Publish IPv6+: A New Era of IP Networks for 5G and Cloud [EN] presented in for HKNOG.
      (2) Publish IPv6+ Innovation and Standards [CN] presented for Chinese IPv6 Development Forum.
    2. News
      (1) Publish information on the Chinese IPv6+ Development Forum.
      (2) Publish information on the ETSI Webinar for IPv6 Whitepaper.
  2. G-SRv6
    1. Tutorial
      (1) Provide the G-SRv6 Whitepaper of China Mobile [CN & EN].
    2. News
      (1) Publish information about release of G-SRv6 whitepaper.
      (2) Publish information about the successful inter-op test of G-SRv6.
  3. APN6
    1. IETF
      (1) Provide the new drafts of APN including the usecases of APN for MEC, APN for Game Accelaration and APN for SDWAN.
      (2) Provide the new draft of the clarification on security and privacy issuess about APN.


  1. IPv6+ Overview
    (1) Tutorial: Publish the ETSI IPv6 whitepaper.
    (2) News: Publish the Global IPv6+ Summit information.
  2. APN6
    (1) Publish slides of APN6 side meeting @IETF108.
    (2) Publish IETF mailing list for APN6.
    (3) Publish INFOCOM 2020 paper in the APN6 community.
  3. SRv6 Book
    SRv6 book information is published.
  4. IETF YANG Models
    Status of IETF YANG Models is published in the IPv6+ website.
    There are so many YANG models to be standardized in IETF.
    Wish the tracking of status would be helpful to the standardization process.


  1. IPv6+ Overview
    (1) Publish the second IPv6+ Webinar information.
  2. VPN+/VTN
    (1) Change the Publication URL informaiton for the IETF drafts.
    (2) Add the IETF draft information for the North Bound Interface of VPN+.
  3. SD-WAN
    (1) Add more IETF drafts information for SD-WAN.


If you have any questions or comments on the website and the technologies proposed here, please communicate with us with the following email address: ipv6plus@outlook.com