1. APN6 Introduction Flash [EN]

Publication URL: MP4 - APN6 Introduction Flash

2. APN6:Application-aware IPv6 Networking [EN]

Publication URL: PDF - Application-aware IPv6 Networking


By taking advantage of the programmable space in the IPv6/SRv6 packet header to convey application characteristic information into the network, and make the network aware of the applications and their requirements in a native way to guarantee their SLA.

3. APN6 Milestone [EN]

Publication URL: PDF - APN6 Milestone

4. APN6 @ Finalist of Interop Tokyo 2020 [EN]

Publication URL: Interop Tokyo Finalist - Network Infrastructure


1. Problem Statement and Use Cases of Application-aware Networking (APN)

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-li-apn-problem-statement-usecases


This document analyzes the existing problems caused by lack of application awareness, and outlines various use cases that could benefit from an Application-aware Networking (APN) architecture.

2. Application-aware Networking (APN) Framework

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-li-apn-framework


This document proposes a new framework, named Application-aware Networking (APN), where application characteristic information such as application identification and its network performance requirements is carried in the packet encapsulation in order to facilitate service provisioning, perform application-level traffic steering and network resource adjustment.

3. Application-aware IPv6 Networking Encapsulation

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-li-6man-app-aware-ipv6-network


This document proposes a new framework, named Application-aware IPv6 Networking, and also the solution to guarantee SLA for applications, which makes use of IPv6 extensions header in order to convey the application related information including its requirements along with the packet to the network so to facilitate the service deployment and network resources adjustment. Then, it defines the application-aware options which can be used in the different IPv6 extension headers for the purpose.

4. Use cases of Application-aware Networking (APN) in Edge Computing

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-liu-apn-edge-usecase


This document describes the various application scenarios in edge computing to which the APN can be beneficial, including augmented reality, cloud gaming and remote control, which empowers the video business, users interaction business and user-device interaction business. In those scenarios, APN can identify the specific requirements of edge computing applications on the network, process close to the users, provide SLA guaranteed network services such as low latency and high reliability.

5. Use cases of Application-aware Networking (APN) in Game Acceleration

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-zhang-apn-acceleration-usecase


This document describes the game acceleration scenarios using Application-aware Networking (APN) technology. In these scenarios, APN can identify the specific requirements of particular gaming applications, steer the flows to the game processors close to the users, and provide SLA guaranteed network services such as low latency and high reliability.

6. Usage scenarios of Application-aware Networking (APN) for SD-WAN

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-yang-apn-sd-wan-usecase


This document describes the usage of Application-aware Networking (APN) in SD-WAN scenarios. In these scenarios, APN is able to identify a particular application, steer its traffic flows along explicit path across the network, and provide SLA guaranteed network services such as low latency and high reliability.

7. APN Security and Privacy Considerations

Publication URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-peng-apn-security-privacy-consideration


This document describes the security and privacy considerations of APN in various possible scenarios wherein APN will be deployed.

8. APN6 Side Meeting @IETF105

Publication URL: https://github.com/APN-Community/IETF105-Side-Meeting-APN6


The APN6 core team arranged a side meeting @IETF105, which was well accepted. All the materials can be found in the APN-Community including the meeting minutes etc.

9. APN Side Meeting @IETF108

Publication URL: https://github.com/APN-Community/IETF108-Side-Meeting-APN

Meeting minutes: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/v108-apn-side-meeting


The focus of the APN side meeting was to review the prior discussion (SPUD & PLUS) on the problem space and ask operators to outline the use case and problem scope. The potential solutions to the use cases and requirements principal operators presented are also discussed during the IETF 108 side-meeting.


1. Application-aware IPv6 Networking Architecture


This project aims to clarify the requirement of application-awareness in the networks, list out the use cases that can benefit from APN6 such as Gaming Acceleration, and construct the APN6 Architecture and identify its key components.

It is supported by China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome.


1. APN6 @ Interop Tokyo 2020 show

Publication URL: アプリケーション認識IPv6ネットワーク

2. APN6 @ INFOCOM 2020

Publication URL: https://github.com/APN-Community/APN6-INFOCOM


1. APN6 in Linux Kernel

Publication URL: Github - APN6_Linux_Network_Enhancement

2. APN6 Community

Publication URL: Github - APN6 Community


1. APN6 paper @ INFOCOM 2020

Publication URL: Demo Session 4

The paper titled “APN6: Application-aware IPv6 Networking” has been accepted and presented in INFOCOM 2020, which demonstrated the APN6 key features and benefits of application-awareness in the IPv6 network. Thanks to the reviewers, it was ranked as Highly Innovative (5) and earned a Strong Accept (5). Please refer to the video introducing the APN6 concept and recording our demonstration in the APN6 Community.

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